We Heart Nars: Lip (Gloss) Service

The perfect complement to a smokey eye is a soft, muted lip! And Nars Lip Glosses include some of the most iconic nude colors. The type of glosses that are always buried in my purse so I have them at all times. Nars lip glosses come in a variety of finishes, unofficially: creamy, sheer and serious shine! Probably the most famous is Nars Turkish Delight, a favorite of Kim Kardashian’s!

L-R: Chihuahua, Greek Holiday, Turkish Delight

I go through tubes and tubes of Chihuahua – it is an exact match to my lip color and therefore very natural. It gives a nice plump to my lips and goes with everything. It’s on me at all times!

Another must-have is Greek Holiday. It’s a sheer gloss with gold shimmer and glitter and is so sophisticated on. Described by Nars as a “sparkling pink sand,” this is perfect layered over lipstick and on its own. I get a lot of mileage from this gloss!

And of course, you know Turkish Delight has to make our list of must-haves. It’s a very creamy pale pink and isn’t always the easiest to wear for everyone. But I absolutely adore it and find it is my go-to “sexy” gloss. I like to layer this as well over lipsticks – it wears longer that way and helps it look more natural. You know, as natural as a pale pink gloss can be!

Any faves you want to call out?

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