Just Another Mani Monday: Watermelon and Mint Nail Art

We could spend hours on Pinterest looking at nail art. There is so much cool stuff out there. We dabble here and there with layering glitters and creating a “party” nail (ring finger) but artists we are not. Then I came across this guest post on the Birchbox blog from Glitter, She Wrote about the secret weapon of nail art and felt compelled to create. The secret? SCOTCH TAPE! So simple I almost smacked myself. Before you click on over to Anna at Glitter, She Wrote, and see brilliant nail art, let’s talk about my ONE nail I’m showing you. It was the best one, so I took the liberty of sparing you the others. Although, I have every intention of sporting the imperfect mani all week. It does look pretty good from afar…

Using tape as a nail art tool is best on second day polish. I painted the bright watermelon Deborah Lippman Daytripper on Saturday and on Sunday, blocked off tape so that I could paint my tips (French manicure style) with Essie Mint Candy Apple. I chose to paint just a thin strip, but the options with tape are truly endless. I could do a grid, vertical or horizantal halves or zig zags. I had a few challenges removing the tape and it was a little uneven on a few nails even though the tape peeled off perfectly. I give myself a C+ for the final result but an A for effort! A little bit of tape is opening up a whole new world of manis for me. Will you give it a try?

5 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Watermelon and Mint Nail Art”

    1. Brittany, the key is to pull the tape off when the polish is wet (the new polish, that is) Also, “second day” polish is pretty well adhered to the nail — try it!!!

  1. Thanks so much, Laurie!! I love using tape for geometric manis, the possibilities are endless. You’re right about pulling the tape off when the 2nd color is still wet – if you let it dry onto the tape, it’s not pretty. I love the colors you used. I’ll be on the lookout for more tape mani photos from you now! 🙂

    1. Anna, your tips are SO good. I bow to you — you’re like a nail art genius:) We’re intrigued…more tape manis in our future for sure:)

  2. Also, I suggest getting a little of “stick” off of the tape by pressing in on your jeans or a towel. Anything to take the extra sticky off– that way, you dont damage the nail polish underneath.
    Cute color combo!

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