Just Another Mani Monday: Urban Decay Woodstock and the Rollergirl Nail Kit

Urban Decay’s Rollergirl Nail Kit is so many things: convenient, fun, sparkly, portable, giftable and summery!  I love that Urban Decay packaged six bite-sized polishes together for summer. Seriously, how often do you actually finish a full bottle of polish? The answer for us is usually never — not that it stops us from acquiring the latest and greatest, anyway… — but the genius concept is not lost on us.

For this week’s mani, I chose the hot pink Woodstock. This polish applied like a dream — and was opaque in one coat (although I did two!). It’s very hard to capture just how bright this color is, but let’s just say there is bright pink, and then there  is electric pink. Woodstock falls in the electric category, for certain. This color looks great on my tips, but I think it’d look even hotter on my toes.

Here’s a glimpse at the other shades in Urban Decay’s Rollergirl Nail Kit — if you’ve got a weakness for the 70s, then you’ll be all over these names! Even I want to bust out some disco moves:)

L-R: Xanadu, Woodstock, Miss T, Fame, Superfreak, Love Train
L-R: Xanadu, Woodstock, Miss T

I love the purple glittery-ness of Xanadu. Purple + glitter = amazing.

L-R: Fame, Superfreak, Love Train

This kit is so versatile and balanced between the brights and the flashy to the more subtle neutral and pearl shades. Superfreak is probably my favorite of the “neutral” bunch. It’s a glitter shade, but so smooth and opaque.

Rollergirl swatches in full-sunlight!

Urban Decay’s Rollergirl is available now as part of the Summer 2011 collection. You can get in on the disco-nail fun for $28. Great deal in our books!

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  1. I was in high school in the 70″s and may I just say-FAAAAR OUT!!!! I’m diggin it! Narlrly dude! Got get me this kit, put on my pink satin track shorts with matching pink stain baseball jacket and do to the roller disco!

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