New! Trish McEvoy Little Black Card – Champagne Truffles Face Palette

Of course the other counter I wandered over to was the Trish McEvoy counter… I can’t seem to set foot in Nordstrom without wandering over there. I was hoping to see the Demure collection in person (it won’t be on counters until early spring) and I ended up bring this Champagne Truffles Little Black Card Face Palette home with me instead, I could not resist it. This Little Black Card is going to be one of my best friends at Fashion Week next month… at least that was what I told myself when I was handing over my debit card. 🙂

In the top row it includes Natural Blush, Champagne Shimmer Powder, Shell Eye Shadow, new Truffle Eye Shadow and new Charcoal Diamond Eye Definer. The image makes it look a little more pink than it really is but believe me, it is more neutral than it appears… and Charcoal Diamond is gorgeous, think black eyeshadow with a hint of blue-green sparkle.

Then in the bottom row we have Natural and Honey Brightening Line Minimizing Concealer and for the lips there is Matte Pink Rose Lip Color, Simply Glamorous Lip Gloss and Sexy Pearl Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss. Normally, I do not go for light pink lip color but I was surprised to see that I could pull this off pretty well. This pink would brighten up anyone’s complexion.

Where are my Trish girls at? I know you’re out there…

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