January TRIA Update: Progress and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Since we’ve last talked TRIA, I’ve experienced a major breakthrough. I’M SEEING RESULTS! I’m officially in my third month, and have completed five treatments to date. My underarm hair is noticeably more sparse. It’s in the single digits in Chicago right now—–shaving my underarms is clearly not a necessary daily activity. Still, under normal, pre-TRIA circumstances, skipping just didn’t feel right because of my rapid hair growth. That isn’t the case anymore, and I am thrilled. SERIOUSLY excited.

I’ve been continuing the treatments at “Level 4” on my underarm and at 2 or 3 on my bikini line. Sometimes I think my skin is more sensitive at times. While “4” is not at all painful, there are moments I feel more.  Just an observation. I think the cold is getting to me. I blame winter for everything.

I wonder what setting Tiffani-Amber Thiessen uses her TRIA at. Did ya hear? Tiffani is the new spokesperson for TRIA. I LOVE her. I’m partial to Tiffiani as Valerie Malone.  You?

On her new partnership with TRIA, she says, “I became familiar with the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System at the end of 2011 and was excited about the convenience it provided to me, particularly as a working mother.”

Amen, sister. TRIA is convenient. It’s easy to stick to a schedule because this is portable and takes five minutes (just make sure to charge it up before each use — I learned the hard way halfway through my left underarm the second time!)

*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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