To Paris and Back

I’m back! Did anyone miss me? I really did intend on updating Product Girl while I was gone but unfortunately our wifi access in our apartment was very limited. I swear that I do have good intentions when I say things here, it’s just that sometimes the problem is following through on them. 🙂

Paris Statue

I had a fantastic time in Paris and the ladies who accompanied me are amazing. I shared an apartment with Julia from All About the Pretty, Cailin from The Beauty Bunny and Nadine from Jolie Nadine. Then Erika from Makeup Bag, Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels and Kristen from Total Beauty stayed in the other apartment. It was a privileg to spend time with them and I can’t wait until I can see them again… I think a trip to New York’s Fashion Week in February may be in order now.

Aside from an obsession with beauty products, I love old architecture and statues, and of course Paris has all this in spades. I was in love with all of the buildings and statues that I saw. At times, I had a hard time believing I was actually there and was in awe that I was standing somewhere with a history much longer than the city I live in.

I had some great experiences in Paris. I experienced my first facial (at a Clarins Spa no less), attended a beauty industry professional event representing Product Girl, had the best meal of my life at Chez L’Ami Jean and saw the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes. For the rest of the week I will be sharing some more of my experiences in Paris as well as some of my beauty buys.

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