Three Custom Color Vivacious Violet Makes Purple Lips Wearable

At first glance, you may think that this Three Custom Color Vivacious Violet Lip Gloss is too purple. But you would be wrong. Initially, I was slightly intimidated by this purple-hued tube. I wasn’t sure if it would look natural or pretty. And I was wrong. It’s brilliant! On the lips, it reads more pink and has this awesome face-brightening effect.

I love wearing this with a simple white tee and jeans and making it my accessory. The color was created by NYC-based Makeup Artist Marisa Fazzina to be a versatile take on violet. In the tube, you see delicate pink sparkles and bright purple shine but on the lips it transforms. One coat is subtle, two is more of a pop and three gives you totally violet lips. In all instances, it looks healthy and brightening.

I totally heart this gloss. Available now at Three Custom Color Specialists.

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