Lusting After This: Three Custom Color's A Century in Red Lip Color Palette

I have been on a huge red lipstick kick lately… not wearing it, not yet anyhow, but just collecting all the gorgeous shades of red I can get my hands on. When I saw Three Custom Color A Century of Red Lip Color Palette, I wanted it immediately.

Three Custom Color Century of Red Lip Palette This palette includes 10 different shades of red all inspired by different decades:

Bell Epoque (1910’s) – a rich bee-stung red stain befitting of the Gibson Girls.
Flapper (1920’s) – a deep burgundy crème, perfect for dancing the Charleston.
Platinum Blonde (1930’s) – a true red-brown that Garbo would favor.
Rosie the Riveter (1940’s) – the color that endured WWII, a rich blue-red.
Gamine (1950’s) – a bright orange-red that Lucy would love.
Mod (1960’s) – a “pop” pinky-red gloss.
Disco (1970’s) – a deep shimmering cranberry to boogie down in.
New Wave (1980’s) – a cool, nude red crème for when you feel like a “material girl.”
Virtual (1990’s) – a brown-red crème, perfect for surfing the net.
Futura (for the millennium) – a scarlet-red gloss with a hit of platinum, to lead the way to the next century.

This palette is definitely wish list material. 🙂