Recommended Reading: The One Hundred

The One Hundred by Nina Garci I have a confession to make. While I adore beauty products and have a special place in my heart for makeup in particular, I am very far from a being fashionista. When I went to Paris, I felt a little out of place for not being very stylish. After all, I’m from Seattle! Some of us wear socks with our Birkenstocks in the winter! 🙂 A gal can learn though and this book definitely can help.

The One Hundred by Nina Garcia of Elle and Project Runway fame is a guide to the pieces every woman should own. The illustrations in this book are so charming and the book is a good resource on what to look for in your clothes when you are shopping. It even branches out into other areas such as jewelry, gadgets and cosmetics. Of course, take these suggestions from Ms. Garcia with a grain of salt… this is her take on the essentials.

For me, this book is a little bit of Fashion 101 for the stylishly challenged, which I kind of am! 🙂 You can find this book online at retailers like and in bookstores nationwide.

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