Rise and Shine, Sleepy Head

While I’ve been a lip stain addict for quite awhile, I had my first experience with a lip plumper only a few months ago. Normally I’m quite happy with my lips but there are times when you need to make them as plump as possible. Leave it to Tarte to create another multi-purpose product like Rise and Shine, a lip plumping stain.

Tarte Rise and Shine The first thing I love about Rise and Shine is the shade I tried, Cherry. I have been looking for other red stains and was happy to see this shade. On the stain side, you have a nice pinkish red lip stain that is waterproof. On lip plumper side, you have a sheer red gloss that balances the lip stain and plays up the red in the stain nicely. After applying the stain to the lips a few times to build the color, I applied the gloss so it could do it’s thing… and it did. I’ve tried other “lip plumpers” and I didn’t feel a thing, MAC’s Plushglass is a good example of this. With this one however, I immediately felt my lips tingle. To be sure, I took pictures of my lips before and after and I was happy to find that indeed, my lips were a bit plumper. The sensation was a bit strong but it didn’t last very long and I didn’t mind it at all. Tarte, if you’re listening, more shades please!

If a Tarte cheekstain is on your wishlist, take a look at Sephora’s Lovin’ the Fast Stain set. For $30, you get a True Love Cheekstain and a mini Rise & Shine almost for free! It’s a great way to try this product.

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  1. I have the Rise & Shine from Tarte, but haven’t tried it yet. I am sort of afraid of the color – and just waiting to wear the “right” thing with it. Maybe I will go all black tomorrow and try it. I love a nice red lip with an all black outfit. Glad you like it – I will let you know what i think too!

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