Your Little Blot Book

Until recently, I had very little first hand experience with Tarte products. Now that I have dived into the wonderful world of Tarte, I was happy to discover that practically every product serves more than one purpose. That’s the genius of this product line… it’s practical and it’s cute.

little_blot_book.jpg The Little Blot Book is no exception. It’s a convenient product that combines mattifying powder, brush and blotting papers in one very cute package. You can use a blotting paper and then pick up any remaining shine with a few sweeps of the brush with mattifying powder. The powder appears to be white but you won’t look like a ghost when you brush it on. The powder is translucent so brush away and absorb that pesky shine with no fear. I’ve started carrying this in my makeup bag and I’m not alone. If nothing else, someone’s bound to ask you where you got that cute Little Blot Book.

There’s more Tarte goodness to come in the next few weeks including stains, lipglosses and more.

7 thoughts on “Your Little Blot Book”

  1. I’m sooo happy you love tarte!!! they’re my favorite… i have almost all the products (not necessarily all the colors) and they’re the best!

  2. My friend and I were looking for this all over a few months ago! Sephora didn’t have it and neither did the big department stores in our area… We were going to order it online and then life got in the way!

    Thanks for reminding me about it- I think I’ll order it right now 🙂

  3. Aww thanks for linking to my review! 🙂 Yes I do love this book and people do remark on how cute it is.

    I haven’t been able to try anything else from tarte yet, so I look forward to your other reviews!


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