Spa Nordstrom: Live Like a Real Housewife, Part II

Two takeaways from my day at Spa Nordstrom.

1) You haven’t LIVED until you’ve had a hot stone massage massaged onto the bottom of your feet.

2) Confess all of your skincare sins to your esthetician. You can’t hide…and if you try to, she can’t help you.

All treatments at Spa Nordstrom begin in the relaxation room with a foot soak. The soak released an aroma of eucalyptus and rosemary, and was a definite treat for the feet (and other senses!)  I also expressed my incredibly high tolerance for heat, and the water temperature was perfect. Perhaps its years of taking piping hot baths, but hot water for most people is “lukewarm” to me.

The starting point of the day was the Healing Hot Stone Massage. During January, this service is 25% off. Note to all spas:  run a HEAT therapy promotion in January— it was the coldest day of the season when I was there. A hot stone massage is intended for relaxation. I’ve always opted for the deep, Swedish massage, but have to say that this was just as effective. The heat penetrates and helps ease tension from your muscles.  The stones are placed on various pressure points throughout the body, and the experience is so much more than just tension relief. Improved circulation and total mental abandonment. When was the last time you just let your mind go? After the experience, I really want to lobby my insurance company to add this to the list of approved medical services. Or the very least, can I use my flex spending account? 

Next, I got my RHBH on during the Oxygen Infusion Facial. This is so luxurious, and would be highly effective for aging skin.  From a machine that sounds like a ventilator, the esthetician uses a tiny wand to infuse oxygen and hyaluronic acid into your skin. There’s an immediate plumping effect (she even did my lips — so RHBH!), but it does subside.

During the hour I spent with Carolyn, the licensed esthetician, she gave me some TOUGH love. She subtly asked me what I was using to exfoliate my skin, and then after excitedly telling her what I did, she revealed to me that I was overdoing it. She explained that my skin was “vibrating” – esthetician speak for “this chick is committing major skin care sins.”  I had no idea. I felt so sinful. Like I got tricked into confession, and wasn’t ready for penance. What can I say, I’m addicted to sloughing off dead skin.  To remedy the sitch, Carolyn put me on a TWO-WEEK exfoliation detox and instructed me only to wash my face once a day. It’s been about 9 days, and my skin is much improved. Total blessing in disguise. Although I’m twitching a bit for my Exfolikate.

Stay tuned for Part III….in which I reveal the best foot file I’ve ever encountered and to find out if I stuck to esthetician orders and stayed true to the exfoliation detox.

Disclosure: The spa services were gratis, courtesy of Nordstrom. All opinions are my own.