Calm One, Calm All

What could be better at the end of a long week to take a nice, warm bubble bath with a glass of wine and just relax? That’s what I did the other night, I picked up trial sizes of the new Soap and Glory line at Target and prepared to soak.

Soap and Glory's Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath What’s interesting about this product is that it says it has body lotion built right in, moisturizing your skin while you soak. While the bathwater didn’t seem particularly soothing or moisturizing, I did notice that my skin was a bit softer afterwards. While it could do with a hint more moisture, if you were in a hurry, it would do. It’s a personal preference I guess. Also, I was really surprised by the amount of bubbles I had in the bath. I love lots of bubbles in the bath and this one delivered on that front. As for a scent, it was intriguing. It’s a combination of bergamot, strawberries, manadarin, musk, amber and warm vanilla.

For those of us in the US, look for the line at Target. In the UK, you can find it at Harvey Nichols and Boots. If you see the trial sizes, pick them up! It’s a good way to get acquainted with Soap and Glory.

One thought on “Calm One, Calm All”

  1. I’ve lived in the uk all my life and only bought this line the first time today!! It’s exciting so see US peeps gettting access to it and testing too. The first time I saw these products in Boots I thought they looked bizarre and didn’t look further. After occasional nosey sniffs, I quite like the smells. They’ve even brought out body butters where all the range is light blue instead of pink. Blueberry was rather yummy, shall get it next time i need body cream. sorry im just going on and on now. better stop.

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