Snowstorm Survival: Balms, Boots and Acessories

Today is like a weatherman’s Christmas. Winter’s been in a holding pattern, and while I’ve been enjoying “fake Spring,” I knew it was only a matter of time. Today is is that day. People are absolutely giddy in Chicago (seriously, especially the weathermen). The snow is a hot topic of discussion, and it’s actually nice to see people excited. Usually at this time, everyone’s SAD is coming on strong (mine included). In honor of the first real snowstorm of the season, we’re presenting our tips for survival. Top-line, stuff.

Snowstorm Survival Tip #1: Stuff the coats of your pockets with balm. Specifically, Fix My Skin balms, which contain 1% hydrocortisone, meaning they heal in addition to moisturize. Wind, snow and cold absolutely ruin your skin, and there’s pretty much nothing Fix My Skin can’t treat. I’ve been using the Healing Balm (stick version) on my lips and the pot on my knuckles and cuticles to combat dry skin, but these are also useful to have handy in the event your skin has an allergic reaction to a product.

Snowstorm Survival Tip #2: Wear cute  winter accessories. Listen, we’re buried under layers of parka, fur-lined hoods and other lothing. The least we can do is have some fun. These Kate Spade “Hi-5”  and air quote mittens fit the bill perfectly. And, they are now on sale at Nordstrom.

Snowstorm Survival Tip #3: Opt for warm and water-resistant footwear. Do not mess around with Uggs or Hunters in a snowstorm. The former will not keep your feet dry and your feet will freeze in the latter (yes, even with the fleece liners). I recommend investing in a serious winter boot. Sorels are the way to go. If you also like to snowboard or ride a snowmobile why not get something from Up North Sports. They have a wide range of pro footwear that will serve you well for years to come.

Snowstorm Survival Tip #4: Keep your pants fitting like they’re meant to.  Hollywood Fashion Secrets Boot Straps might be the most functionable tool I’ve encountered. They’re actually a winter staple. Really, anytime you wear boots. Just adjust the velcro around the hem of your pants (I do a roll-up since most pants are longer on me) and slide your boots on without any unflattering bunching.

How’s the weather by you? Let us know your snow survival tips!