Sircuit Fixzit, the Smartest Zit Zapper Yet?

I shudder to think of the skincare sins I committed as a teenager. Practically exfoliating my face raw with St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub and dousing it in benzoyl peroxide to ward off blemishes. With that regime, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my skin was irritated and angry. I’ve learned a lot since and I like to think that zit zappers are also just much better now. While I’d love to be completely done with breaking out, that’s not my reality. And in some sick way, I look forward to demolishing blemishes with the wonder serum that is Sircuit Fixzit™.

Do you know Sircuit Cosmeceuticals? They’ve been around for 10 years, creating effective skin care without artificial fillers and all those ingredients that made my skin so angry years ago. The products also happen to have the coolest names ever. Case in point: Fixzit. Practically a verb in my household now.

Sircuit uses an encapsulated form of Vitamin A (retinol) that is potent yet gentle to help fight infection and encourage cell turnover. A ton of other unexpected ingredients come into play here – like Banana Extract, Lactic Acid, Wine Extract and the only chirally correct (means the molecules function as they should and don’t leave anything harmful behind) form of Biotin which contributes to healing.

Yes, Fixzit is so much more than a zit zapper. It’s this amazing little treatment serum that exfoliates skin and decongests pores. It stops blemishes overnight and also helps to brighten skin and prevents the discoloration that inevitably occurs.

Fixzit-ing my skin probs are a little more exciting with this.  $30 at Sircuit.

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  1. I owned and loved fixzit until the rubber portion of the dropper began to melt from the ingredients. It started to degrade about six months after purchasing. Eventually, I had to throw the bottle away in order to avoid getting melted rubber on my finger tips. Blech!

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