Smell Like Raspberry Hot Chocolate


As a birthday treat to myself, I went a little crazy at Sephora this past weekend. Stocked up on Primer Potion, got some new perfume and got some new lip products, which you’ll be hearing about one of them soon.

One of the things I tried was this Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Hair & Body Wash. It truly is an indulgence. I didn’t use it for my hair but I did love using this as body wash. It lathers up really well and leaves you feeling like you’re ready to be served up as dessert.

You can get a smaller 4 oz. bottle for $8 to try it out, which is what I did, or you can get a large 10 oz. bottle for $16, which I plan on doing now. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate inspired products but this was so good I wanted to lick myself.

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