Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection

From the moment I saw pictures of this Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina set, I wanted it all. The idea of a punk rock ballerina just warms my heart… that I can never get enough of nude and grey shades. I am addicted to them! Am I alone here? This collection is making me want to attempt a look I’ve seen on the runway but have never had the guts to try, to take a dark beige shade on the whole nail then to taking a light beige shade and place it in the shape of an oval at the base of the nail. I think it will look chic, no? If I ever get bold enough to try it, I’ll definitely show you the results. 🙂

I picked up this set for $18 and it includes for 0.125oz bottles of Leotard-Optional, The Way Tutu His Heart, Who’s Spinning Tonight? and Break a Leg-Warmer! I do think some of these shades possibly have dupes in other lines but I figured I’d get the set and figure that out later. I wanted to make sure I got the “greatest hits” before I delved into my stash to see what I could do without before it was too late… knowing my level of procrastination, it could be awhile.

The rest of the Urban Ballerina collection includes:

  • Break a Leg Warmer – opaque charcoal gray
  • Leotard Optional – opaque mocha beige
  • Let’s Plie – opaque metallic light beige

  • Shinny Dancer – opaque slate with fine iridescent glitter
  • The Way Tutu His Heart – opaque light pink
  • Who’s Spinning Tonight – opaque metallic true grape

The full sized bottles from the Urban Ballerina collection are in Sephora now and bottles go for $9.50 each. I have to say, I think this collection kicks the Glee collection’s ass!

3 thoughts on “Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection”

  1. love these colors too! They remind me of ballet class…however if we were caught with polish on we had to leave class!
    haha the good old days!

  2. I felt the same way when I saw these but I didn’t get a chance to get them before my no-buy 🙁 I think these are soooo pretty. It’s really rare I love all the polishes in a collection.

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