Beauty Products I Miss: Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers


Ever have a product that you love and suddenly, inexplicably, they are no where to be found? This is how I feel about some of my favorites from Rimmel. Without warning, the products I’m loving mysteriously disappear from drugstore shelves.

My first experience with this was their Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers shown here. Before matte liquid lipsticks were on the scene, Rimmel introduced these as an alternative to the liquid lipsticks being put out at the time by brands like Guerlain. At a fraction of the price, I stocked up and happily kept them everywhere I could possibly need them. Then they were gone and before long, the only shades I could find were the ones no one wanted on clearance.



At the time, the wear was great. Since this was 2014, the long wearing liquid lipsticks we’re now well acquainted with had not made it to market so we had not seen the formulas we see now. We hadn’t seen brands like Colourpop wow us. With these from Rimmel, you could mix them with anything and best of all, they were cheap. They also had a nice, creamy wear and texture that did not dry out your lips.

Now I’m seeing this again, although now possibly under different circumstances. I’m a sucker for all things tinted lip oil and their Oh My Gloss Oil Tints caught my eye. I scooped most of them up right away then realized Rimmel displays are slowly but surely fading away, at least in my area. My local drugstores, Target and Ulta no longer have a Rimmel display. This saddens me.

What is your favorite beauty product that you miss?