Product Girl Podcast #6: Makeup Does Expire

In this podcast’s sixth episode, I talk about taking care of your makeup so that it takes care of you and by this I mean, getting rid of makeup that you have had longer than you should… as much as it breaks your heart. I also talk about some of the exclusives that will soon be available at Nordstrom’s for their Anniversary Sale starting this Friday, July 14th.

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3 thoughts on “Product Girl Podcast #6: Makeup Does Expire”

  1. There must be some psychic beauty connection going on! I wrote a post about this on Sunday…then I noticed that one of the Beauty Addict’s readers asked for a timeline of product expiration and then you have a podcast on it! lol. We all must be thinking on the same wavelength!

  2. Hey-

    Don’t sound so nervous on the air- I love your podcast!

    Anyway, I was wondering if the next one you could maybe give your background info. Like why you’re doing this podcast, is this your job, etc.?

    Some ideas for segments:
    -Drugstore makeup
    -Brushes and applicators

  3. Twins separated at birth?

    I did the EXACT same thing with the Tyra Banks show. I saw it advertised, and I also DVRed it. How funny.

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