Beauty VIP of the Week: Phytokératine Serum

Happy Friday, all! I’m baaack….from a fabulous vacation in France and Spain. The thing about vacations, and traveling in general, is a total break in routine. The kind of routines that keep your skin and hair in check. I managed pretty well with my skin (only one travel-induced blemish!), but I was worrying about the state of my hair. The blow dryers at our hotels were completely foreign, literally. I picked up Phyto’s new wonder product, Phytokératine Serum, at a French pharmacy and it saved me. It was the Beauty VIP of my vacation, and now that I’m stateside I continue to obsessed with this stuff!

No, not a vacuum, but the blow dryer in my Parisian hotel room!

Phyto claims this product will help repair dry and split ends, as in seal them back together. As someone who hardly ever cuts her hair, this is an attractive proposition!  It’s packed with so much good stuff, like botanical keratin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, silk peptides and pomegranate extract. For those who avoid silicones, you’ll be happy to know that the ingredient doesn’t make a cameo here. It’s best worked into damp hair, with a focus on the ends. I used this every time I washed my hair (every other day on vacay), and it gave me the silkiest and shiniest hair. Worth every Euro.

You can find this miracle worker at Sephora, as well!

4 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: Phytokératine Serum”

  1. Vacations can be rough on your skin and hair! It’s not just a break in routine that’s the problem … it’s also the change in climate (temperature, humidity), plus a change in your eating and sleeping habits.

    How did your Seattle event go?

    1. That was actually my event, not Laurie’s. 😉 It went really well, thank you for asking! Melvita is a very interesting brand and I’ll be writing more about it very soon.

  2. I had the same weird hair dryer in my Paris hotel room too! What is it about overseas trips that makes us forget essential beauty products? I forgot my hairspray when I went to London/Paris. FAIL! haha!

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