Philosophy Deluxe

Philosophy's Nordstrom Exclusives Sometimes it seems that I cannot get enough of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace so it’s a good thing Nordstrom’s has these 32oz. shower gels and body emulsion as part of their anniversary… I’d rather pick them up instead of ordering them through QVC, being the non-internet shopper that I am. smile I certainly plan on stocking up once this hits stores. You can also get a deluxe 32oz. Purity Made Simple and a 4oz. Hope in a Jar moisturizer. You can pre-order all of this now.

One thought on “Philosophy Deluxe”

  1. I’ve already pre-ordered two of the Purity cleansers – love them. Can’t beat the price! I’ll keep them under the vanity and just refill my smaller travel sized one up to keep in the shower.

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