Parissa Quick & Easy Wax Strips

I use to be totally in love with the Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit, it took care of all my waxing needs but when I started becoming a little anti-Bliss (I have my reasons), I found Parissa’s Strip Free Hot Wax was a much better fit for me. It’s much cheaper and I don’t have to mess with a water bath anymore.


With that said, there are still times when I don’t want to bother with warming up the wax, getting out the mini wooden spatulas and doing work. For those occasions, Parissa’s Quick and Easy Wax Strips are just perfect. They are so easy to use, all you do is warm the strips up in your hands, pull them apart and apply them to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. They are available for legs/body and face/bikini sizes and come with a vial of azulene oil to clean waxed areas, soothe irritation and inhibit hair growth.

Until I tried Parissa’s strips, I wasn’t a fan of the idea because the strips I tried in the past never quite worked for me. They wouldn’t pick up much and leave wax on my skin. That’s not the case at all with Parissa. I was amazed when the strips picked up most of my unwanted hair and didn’t leave any residue behind. They have fully restored my faith in the quick and easy wax. I’ll still continue to use my hot wax set but for those times when all I have is a few minutes to get rid of the unwanted hair, Parissa’s Quick and Easy Wax Strips will be my go-to product. Imagine how useful they would be when traveling? It never occurred to me but now it’s like… duh! 😉

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