Our Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7-Day Challenge


Last week we invited you to join us for the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy challenge. The challenge was to use their Damage & Color Repair line for seven days and share the results with you. Did you sign up and win samples of the line? How did it go?

Kayla and I both took the challenge and we both loved our results. Keep reading for before and after shots and the results of our seven day challenge.

First, a little background on our hair habits… I do not wash my hair everyday. I do this to try and preserve my hair coloring as much as possible. The downside of this is my hair can get a little oilier than I would like so as a result, I use a fair amount of dry shampoo. Also, I rarely use heat on my hair, I let my hair air dry and rarely use styling tools. I am not a hair savant. 😉

Kayla on the other hand is a hair savant. She washes her hair, dries her hair with a blow drier then straightens or curls it with a styler on a daily basis. She does not color her hair but all the heat she uses on a regular basis has had a bit of an impact on the condition of her hair. All in all, we are evened out between my regular coloring and her styling.

Kayla’s Hair Before the Challenge
Kayla’s Hair After the Challenge

I loved my results. My hair was much smoother with less fly aways and I noticed less of my hair falling out in the shower. It also dried quicker than it was drying with the other shampoos I was using. For the sake of the challenge, I did wash my hair daily last week but I noticed that that I really didn’t have to and could have probably gotten away with using dry shampoo. All in all, I was happy.

As for Kayla, she had many of the same results. This is her hair you see here in the before and after. She saw an improvement in shine, saw less fallout in shower and while combing hair out after showering. She found her drying time, blow drying and air drying was also quicker. Her passes through with the flat iron were also smoother. She also uses the line’s mask and found it wasn’t too heavy and didn’t weigh my hair down. She also loved that a little product goes a long way.

So there you have it. We were surprised to love Clear as much as we did and loved that we found a new staple that’s effective and very, wallet friendly. Our hair feels stronger now than it did before and we think starting at the scalp helped to make it that way.

How did you do with your challenge?

NOTE: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are our own.

2 thoughts on “Our Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7-Day Challenge”

  1. wow I am surprised with the results! You can really tell a difference from the two pics. Along with being a lot more shinier, Kayla’s hair appears a bit darker in the after pic as well.

    This is something that I am defintely going to purchase and use as my ‘other’ poo/cond since I always have AT LEAST two different brands in current rotation.

  2. Thanks for doing this challenge and review. You’re the second reputable online source that has reported positive (and similar) results. Now I’m convinced that I should try this brand. I haven’t done drugstore quality hair care in years…but for the price and the real-life claims I’m sold on Clear. Looks like my Bumble will be taking a back shelf for a bit in the shower routine. Thanks again girls.

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