Beauty VIP of the Week: NARS Frivolous Velvet Gloss Pencil

What a week: a historic blizzard, subartic temps and….NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils! This lovely lip gloss, in a pencil, has been the highlight of my week. I can’t get enough of this glossy, moisturizing wonder and am on the verge of stockpiling the shade Frivolous.

For all of the pink glosses I own, there’s something unique about Frivolous. I absolutely love the formula and it gives my lips a perfect glaze. It’s also the perfect complement over a nude lipstick.

Seeing is believing..this gloss pencil lives up to its promise of luminosity and shine. At the rate I’m going, I’ll burn through this pencil by the end of the month. If there’s a downside to this product, longevity is probably it — but it’s still a VIP in my books.

2 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: NARS Frivolous Velvet Gloss Pencil”

  1. I was hoping to find them last week at Sephora but didnt. Definately on my list of must haves. Its so exciting to read of something new that everyone raves about.

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