Spend the Holidays with NARS

NARS has released their new holiday collection and I am already smitten. It features a gorgeous new eyeshadow duo, two new cream eyeshadows, two new lipglosses, two new matte lip pencils, a new lipstick and a new blush highlighting powder.

NARS Holiday 2006 Collection I’m very excited about the new eyeshadow, Belly Dance. This new duo features a metalic green and a deep plum, imagine a smokey eye with that shade… oooh. I have already starting thinking of everything I can try with this. Something to remember though, even though these shades come in a duo, it does not mean that they should go to together. Although, some duos certainly do work well together… I personally use Stage Beauty and Star Sailor together all the time.

Their new cream eyeshadows also look very interesting. There’s Lili Marlene in grey and Nomad in dark green with shimmer. These cream eyeshadows make a great base for your eye makeup and can intensify the color you’re working with. Ignore my obsession with smokey eyes lately, but I think Nomad would be a great base for a green-toned smokey eye.

The other new product is their Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross. I’m a sucker for highlighting products so I am imagining that this one will be amazing. I could be wrong but I believe this is the first of it’s type that NARS is releasing (besides the usual blushes and bronzers) so I’m sure there’s some anticipation behind it. I’m sure it will probably fly off the shelves.

NARS Holiday 2006 Collection Oh the lips… look at those gorgeous glosses, lip pencils and lipstick. As Beauty Addict recently experienced during Fashion Week, the lip is back and these brand new shades let you have some fun.

This time around, the new glosses are Moon Fleet, a beautiful shimmering gold tone and Rose Birman, a sheer cranberry tone. They would be beautiful on top of the new Bettina and Walkyrie Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Bettina is a natural beige but looks a bit like a mix of orange and brown. Then Walkyrie is a coral red, a little bit on the darker side though. Of course, there’s also a new sheer lipstick in Hindu, a beautiful red based shade with a bit of shimmer.

All of this is available online now at NARS Cosmetics or coming soon to a department store or Sephora near you.

8 thoughts on “Spend the Holidays with NARS”

  1. Ooh, those are some nice colors. Great post – I just discovered your blog from The Pretty Pear, and I’m so excited to find someone so passionate about makeup!

    Going to have to check out this collection – my goal is to really get more into color – i’m too dependent on neutrals.

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Albatross highlighter. Hopefully it’ll have all the great qualities of the Copacabana Multiple but in the convenience of a powder.

  3. Hi Carla!

    I read your blog and listen to your Podcasts, and I really enjoy them both. I wanted to drop you an email because I am new to the Seattle area and I was wondering if you (or anyone else who may read this!) had any advice on the best places to shop in Seattle, best salons….etc, etc. Being a newbie, I have no idea about the City at all.


  4. You know, I’ve been hearing about Nars for ages, but just haven’t gotten around to trying out any of the products. But this collection might convince me to get my butt in motion. Especially those lipstick-pencils. I love the idea of lipstick in pencil form – feels so easy and goofproof.

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