Must-Have Hair Tool: Sarah Potempa Beachwaver

The Beachwaver. It’s as intriguing as it sounds. I so appreciate the verbing of the most on-trend and flattering hair style right now. We have the brilliant celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa to thank for making The Beachwaver a reality. In fact, she (and her sister/partner-in-crime Erin) worked on perfecting The Beachwaver for two years. She created the look on her clients and saw a need to create a tool that would make it easy for people to achieve this style on their own.

We’re going to go as far and say this styling tool is life changing. The challenges of a curling wand (while I do love them) are apparent —the time it takes, the angle it takes to get the curls just right and especially the burns I seem to amass on a weekly basis on my hands and arms. Seriously – what is my issue?

Beachwaver Waves (and Justin Bieber tunes to boot!)

The Beachwaver curls your hair for you and creates the most perfect tousled waves. The tool actually rotates to the left or the right (based on the side you are curling) with the push of a “go” button. It works like this: hold upright with the clamp facing you, tuck the end of your hair in the clamp and hit “go.” Hold for about 4 seconds and then VOILA! beachy waves. I’ve been using/ relying on The Beachwaver for the past month and honestly, how did I function without it? The auto rotator makes the world of a difference and more than that, it makes the hair-do process so fast. About 6 minutes, and done. An important tip: it matters that you hold the wand vertical. The clamp is beveled so it won’t kink your hair, but if you hold it horizantal there can be a little kinking action.

Seriously obsessed with the waves it creates. We sort of worship Sarah Potempa now. So much so that I ordered The Wrap-Up as I was boarding an airplane on Monday. Now that my hair so darn long, my top knots and low buns are getting sloppy. I was having a moment after about 18 hours of travel (four flights in one day – I don’t recommend it).

The Beachwaver is available on and also through QVC.

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  2. Ryan has been begging me for years to figure out how to get wavy hair. I am inept at curling irons–but this looks so easy and I think we would both love the results….guess I have to start saving again!

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