Lush Vanillary Perfume

Sometimes when I am in search of a new perfume, I try different fragrances all at one time, a few on each wrist and a few on my inner elbows. The one that is more dominant usually wins out. That’s how I came to know and love Lush’s Vanillary perfume. At first I forgot that I even had it on but as the day wore on, I would smell it on myself here and there and thought to myself “what is that??” having forgotten all about it. When I realized what fragrance it was, I was back in Lush buying a bottle of Vanillary.

If you’re familiar with Lush’s Vanilla Fountain bath bomb (unfortunately I was not until recently), then you already know and most likely love this scent. If not, Vanillary is a floral vanilla scent with additional notes of jasmine and tonka bean in it, it is labeled as “grown-up gourmand” by Lush. It is much sweeter than most of the vanilla based scents that I’m familiar with. This much sweetness normally has me running for the hills but with Vanillary, I can’t help but feel a little sultry while wearing it. It’s sweet but it also has a bit mystery to it. It’s like a dessert for the grown and sexy… and everyone loves dessert, right?