Coming Soon: LUSH Emotional Brilliance

LUSH will launch its long-awaited Emotional Brilliance collection July 21, venturing into the world of makeup more than it ever has before. And, in one of the most unique ways, too. Emotional Brilliance is more than just a color collection, but makeup mind therapy. What’s that you say?  It’s about how you feel when you wear these colors. With names like Glamorous, Independent, Strong and Decisive, you wear the corresponding colors but also the word. LUSH engaged Strategic Behavioral Therapist Lady Kennedy to develop the list of words to correspond with each color.

I attended a pre-launch party at Chicago’s Bucktown LUSH store and saw the Emotional Brilliance range of 30 shades, including 13 Liquid Lips ($22.95), 11 Liquid Eyeliners ($22.95) and 6 Cream Eyeshadows (22.95). To experience Emotional Brilliance, you spin a special wheel LUSH created and choose the three colors that jump out to you. Not an exact science, but a fun and innovative way to choose your makeup. It may be that each time you spin, different colors jump out at you.

Not witchcraft, but LUSH Emotional Brilliance

What does it mean?

First color choice: your STRENGTH or WEAKNESS
Second color choice: represents your SUBCONSCIOUS NEED
Third color choice: your TALENT and what is required to achieve your subconscious need

I chose, in this order, Glamorous, Happiness and Bubbly. I love these colors — they feel so very me. Glamorous is a Barbie pink lipstick, Bubbly another pink with a warm iridescence and Happiness a copper cream shadow. I’ve worn all three this week and am really impressed with the staying power and feel.

Wearing Glamorous Liquid Lips

I promise, you can turn your gimmick radar off here. These formulas are impressive! It’s like free motivational therapy spinning that wheel. Plus, I definitely felt all sorts of “Happiness” when I saw perfectly in place Cream Eyeshadow after a 15 hour day.

Joining Emotional Brilliance are a suite of other new products, including two new Skin Tints, Eyes Right Mascara and a Translucent Powder.

What do you think? Are you interested in checking out Emotional Brilliance?

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