Lorac’s Co-Stars

Lorac Co-Stars When you use a product like an 8 hour lip color, sometimes there are a few things you give up in the name of long lasting color… like comfort and wear. With Lorac’s Co-Stars, I was happy to find a product that didn’t completely dry my lips and color that lasted through meals a few lattes.

This product uses a new advanced formula is that claims to be non-drying, smudge-proof and transfer-proof color. It comes in 5 liplock worthy shades such as First Kiss (light pink), French Kiss (mauve plum), Kissing Scene (nude sheen), Liplock (rose) and Makeout (rose plum). These shades are great for creating a soft, everyday lip for different skin tones.

I was a little unsure of the products claims at first but for the most part this product performs well. I was happy to see that the color lasted the 8 hour period I expected it to. There was a small amount of dryness, but that can happen even with some matte lipsticks. The color didn’t flake off my lips as I have experienced with other products and the lipgloss paired with this color is great. The moisture it provides makes the product comfortable to wear and taking care of the slight dryness. It’s a little on the thin side but that’s good in this case… it doesn’t leave your lips stuck together.