Lisa Hoffman Spa Packettes

One thing I learned about travel is to bring something to pamper myself with after a day of traveling. Whether it is a short flight or a long one, dealing with people and airports just drains me! The next time I take a trip (New York Fashion Week here I come!), my plan is to pick up a few things from Lisa Hoffman to treat myself to a facial and a nice bath.


I received some samples from Lisa Hoffman’s line and that included her Spa Facial and Spa Shower packettes. I have to say, I became very smitten with Lisa Hoffman when I tried her Madagascar Orchid Variations perfume and these packettes only added to my smitteness. It’s a very smart idea and I’m all for products that make my life easier.

Each packette features single-use versions of the line’s skincare and bath products. Depending on the set, you have everything you need for a spa facial, bath or shower. These are extremely travel friendly as each ampoule is air tight so there’s no need to worry about products getting all over your bag. Plus, this is better than your average hotel toiletries, hands down.

Thanks to these packettes, I now have a full on crush on Lisa Hoffman’s Cleansing Gel and Hand and Foot Butter. I would not have tried either product otherwise. I love that this exposes you to Lisa’s other fabulous products and pampers you at the same time.  This is a great way to get your feet wet with the line as well.

Have you tried a Lisa Hoffman product? Tell us what you tried in the comments.

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