It's All About the Hair: Pt. 1

kerastase shampoo While I was getting my hair cut last week at Gene Juarez, my stylist used the most amazing products on my hair. She used Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo and Kerastase Lait Vital Conditioner. The whole time she was cutting and styling my hair, all I could smell was that wonderful smell from the products. It smelled like Chanel N°5 so I asked her if I was right, and I was. Apparently Kerastase was inspired by the perfume when creating their products. I thought that was really cool but the price tag was not. At $30 each bottle, I think I’ll just stick smelling the products when I get my hair cut. It would make a great present for my mom though, she loves that smell… I’ll have to keep it in mind.