Nuts about Kaponga Nut Parfum

Kaponga Like most people I enjoy smelling good. I like the scent I apply in the morning to last throughout the day and incite numerous people to stop me and ask “What are you wearing?” Well, Kaponga Nuts Creme de Parfum No. 5 is bringing it on all fronts. It is strong but not overwhelming, long-lasting but subtle. The yummy mix of vanilla, wild flora and jasmine is the perfect note for fall. I haven’t had a chance to smell the other two flavors, No.13 & No.4, but judging from their descriptions they sound simply delightful.

The coolest thing about this product is the fact that is a cream. I know, it blew my mind too. You still apply it in all the standard scent points on your body but instead of spraying it, you use your fingers to rub it in. I think this is why it lasts so long because it is like a lotion but with a more concentrated scent. Also, the packaging is so original and compact you will want to take it everywhere instead of lugging around a giant, glass bottle of perfume in your purse. I think I have found one of my standard scents. Thanks Kaponga!

2 thoughts on “Nuts about Kaponga Nut Parfum”

  1. Oh, this sounds right up my alley! I’ve been looking for a new signature scent, too. This sounds fabulously unique, I’d love to try it!

    As always, loving your blog.

    big respect,

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