Just Another Mani Monday: Ginger + Liz Not on the First Date

I work in an office mostly filled with men, men who work in the construction industry and they usually do not pay attention to things such as makeup, hair or nails. The men in my office must be a special breed because they notice things like changes in my eyebrows, hair color and last week – nails. I kid you not, I got 3 comments on last week’s Chanel Mimosa nails. This week I decided to go a little tamer and I used Ginger + Liz’s Not on the First Date, it was part of a set I got on Hautelook recently. Two of the shades in the set were not my cup of tea but this one I definitely got on board with.

Not on the First Date is a great mix of “greige” and lavender with some micro glitter thrown in for a little iridescence. If you liked Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Insouciant but wanted something lighter, this shade is perfect for you. It’s very neutral but totally chic and elegant, it is very work appropriate. Two coats of this shade and I had the completely opaque color as seen here without any application issues. I have to say this, this just might be my new favorite neutral shade. I’m curious if the guys will comment on this shade.

What’s on your nails this week? Are you wearing something a little NSFW or going the tame route like me?

3 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Ginger + Liz Not on the First Date”

  1. I love this! It reminds me of slightly purpled version of OPI Tickle My France-y, one of my HG neutrals. I hate to mention the mauve quality for fear of sounding like an old-lady polish, but I think the “mauvness” makes it super flattering.

  2. pretty! i like the idea of the micro glitter to make it really interesting! I am sporting a french manicure right now! Heading into day 4 and I think it is record. Only a very minor touch up needed

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