Lip Balm with Magic Powers?

Lipfit I would never dream that some day there would be a beauty product that could help me do the following things: a) curb my appetite, b) quit smoking and c) attract men. However, there is! Joey New York has recently introduced products that can help you do these things. I have recently tried the lipFIT Lip Balm and this product’s magic power is curbing your appetite. It doesn’t stop there though, this product also has lipsticks and lipglosses with same magic power! This lip balm has a great minty scent and also features shea butter and cocoa butter.

Check out the other products as well. There’s lipNIX for those of use who need a little help kicking a nasty habit (that’s me) and there’s cinnaMEN for those of us wanting to lure that someone special (um, that could be me as well).

Joeynypeel Also, be sure to catch Joey New York founder and CEO on QVC on June 17th. They will be launching their new Specialty Instant Chemistry Quick Lunchtime Face Peel. This is a gel formulated product that gives skin with a radiant glow and removes dirt and debris deep in the pores while exfoliating dry, dehydrated and exhausted surface skin cells without leaving skin red or irritated. Sounds good to me!

One thought on “Lip Balm with Magic Powers?”

  1. While these claims might sound a bit too good to be true, there is some scientific basis behind how they work. Research has shown that certain flavors and fragrances can actually curb your appetite. And scientists at the Smell & Taste Institute in Chicago have shown that men are attacted to a variety of odors and flavors, most notably pumpkin pie.

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