Jo Malone London Blooms: An Official/Unofficial Note Breakdown

Jo Malone’s ‘London Blooms’ collection, officially launching in  March, is just as pretty in person as it is in these campaign images. Maybe even more so. Over the weekend, I stopped into Saks and London Blooms was out early for Beauty Week. I had so much fun getting to know each of these scents a little more. A fragrance expert, I am not, but I’m starting to get a better understanding of how certain notes react on my skin. And what I think I like might not always be what works with my body’s chemistry. So with that, the official description and what my nose detects (in a very unofficial way).

Wild Lilac & Rhubarb. A daring juxtaposition, this cologne’s tart, vibrant rhubarb cuts through the soft lilac, rose and sun-loving heliotrope.
Laurie’s unofficial take: This opens up sweet, and I detect the rose. Love it. Also, what does heliotrope smell like?

Peony & Moss. A cologne contrasting the dainty and the dirty. Its gossamer lightness of delicate peonies is grounded in earthy green.
Laurie’s unofficial take: Oh my gosh, I love peonies. But wow, this is pretty powdery. Lasted on my right wrist all day.

Iris & Lady Moore. A mingling between spicy-fresh, common or garden geraniums and noble iris, this cologne is powdery and poised. Brought together on a dry-grass base of vetiver.
Laurie’s unofficial take: I don’t detect much powder, but it does have a musky smell. The spice is kind of strong.

As a whole, I love the earthy grit in this collection. I really thought that I would be a Peony & Moss girl, but it was Wild Lilac & Rhubarb that smelled heavenly on my skin. Now that I discovered the London Bloom for me, I will be investing in one of those gorgeous bottles.

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