Jessica Social Lights Nail Polish Set


Last night I was flipping through my new copy of Nylon (I love their beauty coverage) and I saw the cutest thing ever, this Jessica Social Lights Nail Polish Set. Isn’t this adorable? I think I need this in my recently formed nail polish collection. Sadly, it is sold out online but I am now suddenly obsessed enough to spend some time this weekend trying to track this set down. How can I resist D├ębutante (midnight blue), Celebutante (ruby red) and Starlet (sheer glitter) nail polishes in cute little light bulb bottles? Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Jessica Social Lights Nail Polish Set”

  1. Hey PG, thanks for hipping me to this cute little set. Just wanted to let you know if you live in LA as of 9:15 am this morning the jessica Salon on Sunset had one set left (I got the other one…:O) and it was only $12.95. I hope that helps you in your quest. Happy Holidays.

    p.s. it is the cutest little set.

  2. These are so cute, I love the design of the bottles, do they do them in the UK. I just love them and the colors to are beautiful!!

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