I'll Be Back Tomorrow

I’m going to be a little late with today’s podcast, it will actually be posted tomorrow. I’m still working on it and have been doing some research, in addition to taking a few days off from work, so I’ll be back tomorrow with a new episode. When I get back, I’ll be back with a review of Besame Cosmetics and my own perfume adventure in Seattle. For now, enjoy these videos that have been making the rounds from Elke at The Beauty Newsletter:

Also, you’re still in time to leave feedback for the podcast. You can or leave a message at 801-335-1219.

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One thought on “I'll Be Back Tomorrow”

  1. I am obsessed lately with nail polish! I think it would be fabulous if you dedicated a show to the best products out there for those of us who have this obsession. Also, is dark nail polish in style?

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