The Hip Hugger, saving you from the unfortunate "peek a booty"

Every lady has her secrets when it comes to beauty, but I feel it is our duty as women to help one another out. I practically hold weekly seminars at work shouting the best beauty products and secrets to getting a believable (faux) tan at a budget price (Jergen’s Natural Glow Express, always). But I’ve been keeping one secret to myself. It’s time to share.

Meet the Hip Hugger. Have you met this ingenious contraption before? It should come as no surprise that the brains behind the Hip Hugger are none other than Hollywood Fashion Secrets, makers of fashion tape and my personal favorite, the Velcro staps that make your pants look good in boots.

There is nothing worse than ill-fitting pants. I have a few pairs of jeans that infamously ride down or stretch and two clips of the Hip Hugger and BOOM! – fitting like a glove and not messing with the rest of my outfit situation. Flowy tops make this contraption that much more convenient, although, you can get away with wearing a more fitted top, too. The Hip Hugger at $8.99 sure beats an expensive tailoring bill.

And now you know my secret…. (so does TSA…I got wanded a few times because I forgot to take it off)

2 thoughts on “The Hip Hugger, saving you from the unfortunate "peek a booty"”

  1. OMG!!!! So wish I had know about these before! I must have one for me and one for my daughter. Can you give an idea where to buy these in brink and mortar stores?

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