New Giveaway! Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag

Harajuku Lovers Gift Boxes Are you about to start doing your Christmas shopping this weekend? For once, I’m going to start this weekend and not leave it until the week of!

Here is a cute idea for you: Harajuku Lovers Gift Boxes. They are adorable and have a cute little wallet, makeup bag or purse inside and the box is designed to look like a boom box. Then when you open it up, you will here Miss Gwen Stefani singing to you. You can find these gift boxes and Macy’s and the prices range from $38 for the makeup bag, $48 for the wallet and $58 for the purse.

Want to get your hands on one for free? Good! From now until the end of the year, we’ll be hosting weekly giveaways and the first giveaway is a Harajuku Lovers makeup bag as seen here. Stay tuned for more information on how to sneak in a few extra entries!

To enter, just fill in your name and email address directly below and click on “Submit Entry”.

There’s also a Facebook group you can join. Good luck!

53 thoughts on “New Giveaway! Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag”

  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I need a makeup bag, i am always searching for my makeup, in various nooks and crannies of my bags

  2. This would be a great present for any girl, big or in between 🙂 I added you to my Facebook site, so all the Beauty lover’s can see your site.

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