Giving Back This Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, some of my beauty blogging friends and I are giving back to women in our local domestic violence shelters. What better way to put all those unused beauty products to good use? Sometimes it is hard to give back during the holidays but giving is not always about money. Giving back can be volunteering a few hours of your time, donating to your local food bank or in this case, donating unused beauty products to women affected by domestic violence.

I spent some time going through all the unused beauty products in my home and I found of lot of items to donate to Seattle’s New Beginnings shelter. We all know the power of a good lipstick or a good perfume, it is enough to lift your spirits and brighten your day. When I think of the women who may receive the products I’m donating and how they might feel using them for however brief that moment it may be, it makes me happy that I can do this for them.

Here’s a list of my beauty blogging friends that are dropping off their own boxes of love to domestic violence shelters this Thanksgiving:

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