First CVS Opens in Washington State!


I never thought I would be writing about a new drug store opening up in my area but here I am… doing it and I’m pretty excited about. For years, the chain most of you know and love known as CVS, eluded the NW. I remember going to LA years ago and stepping into a CVS for the first time and wondering why it had carpet and wishing I had one near me.

Now I somewhat do have a CVS near me! I was invited to check out the store that opened last week in Renton, WA (also home to the Seattle Seahawks training camp) and I have to admit, I was excited. One of the big reasons I was excited? Finally having local access to actress Salma Hayek’s NUANCE line. I’ve seen my beauty blogging friends playing with this line and now I finally can… and can easily restock if I want more.


I learned a few things about CVS that I thought were pretty cool during my visit. The first being that the chain really wants to give women in particular, a great shopping experience. They do this in a few ways that are immediately noticeable when you walk in the store. The first is the carpet I mentioned earlier.  With the busy woman in mind, particularly for women in heels, carpet makes the sales floor more comfortable to be on.





The next is the height of the isles, they are set up so a woman of average height can see clear across the store from one end to the other. A shorter gal like me appreciates this greatly. The last? Wide isles. Ever play the “you go, no you go” game in an isle? CVS isles are purposely wide to give women with strollers and family in tow, plenty of room to move through the store freely.


Aside from the ExtraCare program, there’s also an ExtraCare Beauty Club program that gives you some of the best rewards I’ve seen a drugstore give. For example, when you enroll you receive a 10% shopping past. Once you start shopping, you earn rewards at a rate of $5 for every $50 spent. That right there impressed the hell out of me. Plus, you also get $3 off on your birthday… When all is said and done, this program seems like the way to go for my drugstore beauty product binges.

For the locals out there, don’t worry, CVS is expanding in the Seattle area soon. They are opening two more stores in the area this year in Burien and Poulsbo then next year in Wallingford and Queen Anne in the city of Seattle.


These are the products I came away with, even a few extras of the same product (follow me on Twitter for a chance to win some of these). So far I’ve used the sea salt spray and the clay mask, both of which I really liked. The spray gave me the textured hair I was looking for and the mask was just what I needed to soothe my skin from an evil hormonal outbreak. I definitely have a wish list going for my next trip to CVS, particularly her Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil and Passion Fruit Nourishing Body Cleansing Cream to start. Then there’s the makeup and newly launched nail polish, very excited to get my hands on that.

Do you have any NUANCE favorites I should know about? Tell me about it in the comments, I’m dying to know what you love and what I should try out!

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  1. The are open, we are getting one in Burien and I almost crashed my car!! I will be heading to renton soon.

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