Green with Envy: Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector

Like any person with Rosacea that has been unable to find anything to cure it (believe me I have tried), I am always on the hunt for an effective color correcting product but in my opinion most fall more than short, they either just don’t correct or leave a weird texture under your makeup, don’t blend etc. It’s sad how many green creams, lotions and potions fill my makeup drawers and get no use.

Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector I personally have switched to mineral powder foundation because I find it kinder to my rosacea than liquid but even then still need something to cut the red. So I had finally about given up when I tried an awesome product from Everyday Minerals called Mint Color Corrector. Hallelujah, the makeup gods had finally answered my prayers… I know your reading this online but if I could make the computer squeal with giddiness about this product I would. This powder applied with a light hand definitely cancels out the red and leaves a very nice base for your mineral foundation to be applied on top of. No weird texture or inability to blend in here. My rosacea now looks not existent. This product is definitely now in my top 5 list of my must have products.

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention that the price is as amazing as the powder. Definitely worth taking a serious peak at the site.