Just Another Mani Monday: Chanel Mimosa Nail Color

I’ve never been into yellows before but if anyone could lure me over to the yellow side, it would be Chanel so I picked up Chanel’s Mimosa even though the reviews were not very kind to this new shade. I liked that the yellow was a little on the warm side with micro glitter in it. I usually go for crèmes but it’s hard for me to turn down a shade like this.

One of the major complaints I heard about this shade was how streaky it was. I tried to apply Mimosa as carefully as I could to avoid dragging the color upwards but it was useless. With three coats on my nails, there are still spots where you can see how uneven it is. A follower on Twitter mentioned using CND’s Sticky as a base coat helps but I couldn’t find my bottle in time to try it out.

Aside from how uneven it applies, I noticed this shade seemed to take much longer to dry. I’ve been using an Out the Door top coat lately to speed things up and even an hour later, my nails incurred some damage. Not to mention the bubbles that started to form later on as the color dried. I always clean my nail beds with remover prior to applying color to make sure that this doesn’t happen but it didn’t matter with Mimosa.

This is the first time I have ever felt like taking back a Chanel nail color and this color will be coming off my nails tonight. If you must indulge in a Chanel nail color for summer, make it Morning Rose. The pink with gold flecks is just beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Chanel Mimosa Nail Color”

  1. I still plan on the Morning Rose, but several times I have been less than thrilled with Chanel polishes. Maybe there will be a dupe for the Morning Rose…. 😛

  2. your cuticles are looking much better. quite awful in some of your other photos…lippmann makes a nice cuticle oil.

    1. I’m working on it! I deal with a LOT of paper during the day and all the digging in files just dries them out. I’ve been trying. 🙂

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