Vitacare Toothpaste Makes Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

As I make the move to more natural products, toothpaste is one I’m all about. I mean, just think about how much you ingest each year? It’s been trial and error for me for months on this, but I’ve finally found one that I LOVE: Vitacare.  The flavors are delicious and fresh—minty with a side of acai, key lime or pomegranate.

I’m happy to trade in the SLS, glycols and artificial coloring for toothpaste with vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium and cranberry extract. The unique flavor is a nice twist (love the + Acai) and the addition of silica helps whiten teeth. Just because there is no fluoride, doesn’t mean you’re not getting what you need. My teeth and gums look better than ever. And, this one’s all mine on the bathroom vanity. Thank goodness — sharing a tube of toothpaste with my husband really triggers my OCD (he squeezes from the top!)

You can find Vitacare at Whole Foods and online.