It's Like a Brazillian Without the Wax

Sandstonesoap Okay, so it doesn’t involve waxing or any private parts but Brazillian women do this. This is Lush’s Sandstone Soap bar. Although it’s not my favorite soap bar, it’s still great because it’s got a dual purpose. It smells wonderful but what’s really awesome about this soap is that it can also exfoliate your skin. Their site says it was inspired by the women of Brazil, who use sand and suntan oil to exfoliate their skin. Just reading that inspired me to try it. It works pretty well, you just need to be careful with the sand portion so it doesn’t break apart on you. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Exfoliate with Lush

Sweet Japanese Girl This is the Sweet Japanese Girl Facial Massage and Exfoliation bar. I use this in between using my Microdermabrasion products. All you do is massage this cute little molded bar into your skin. It has ground almonds and
adzuki beans exfoliate it and tea tree
and juniper berry oils help to clear up and moisture your skin. You’ll need to wash it off because it does leave your face feeling oily but it will also feel really soft.

It Must Be Good if it Has Chocolate in It

Chocolatewhipstick This is the Chocolate Whipstick Lip Balm. Something that’s made with chocolate can’t be bad, right? At least that’s what I though. Their website jokes that you could wear this instead of eating chocolate and you could even lose weight. With me, the chocolate scent just makes me want more chocolate but seriously, it’s a great thick lip balm that moisturizes your lips really well. I have a couple of these and keep one in my purse and one on my desk so that I’m never without it.