Fresh Rose Marigold Tonic Water


As a beauty product junkie, I’ll admit (gasp!) that there are some things that I don’t need…per say. Products that are amazing and once I use them I absolutely can’t imagine life without them.  One such example is Fresh’s Rose Marigold Tonic Water.  It’s a facial spray that contains purifying and softening botanical extracts to hydrate your skin.

I bought this on a hot summer day because I wanted something to freshen my face mid-day. But I use this product all the time!  After I wash my face, before I head out for the day or just anytime I feel like my skin is dry and needs a perk. And, just right now, because writing about it warranted a spritz! I absolutely love it. It smells awesome and makes my skin feel great.

Fresh never disappoints me and has a way of making me “need” things that I never knew I, well, needed.

New! Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

fresh-sugar-rose-lip-balm As soon as I saw this in my inbox, I knew I wanted Fresh’s Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment! Their original lip treatment packed with fresh lemony goodness was my gateway product into Fresh’s line and now they have some new for us to drool over.

This was made available to Sephora’s Beauty Insiders yesterday and is already sold out… can you believe it? I’m a little sad that I wasn’t able to order this in time but I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait until it’s available.

Sure, $22.50 is quite a bit for a lip balm but there’s a reason this Fresh’s Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment sold out so quickly, lips love this treatment. I’m definitely getting this once it’s available, are you? What do you think of the original? Let us know in the comments.

Get That Lustre

I am a big fan of any product I can use to add a few highlighting touches to my face. When I was at Sephora during my weekly research trip, I saw this palette and it spoke to me. It said “take me home, Carla!”

Fresh_satin_luster_1 Fresh’s Satin Luster Face Palette features a gorgeous trio of light cream based highlighters. All three shades have a lovely pearl shimmer to it and can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you could use China Pearl (white) as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones or even blend it with eyeshadow. Peach Butterfly would make a gorgeous summer blush and Winter Rose would look fantastic on lips. And if you’re looking for a nice bronzing palette, check out Fresh’s Here Comes the Sun Face Palette.

Sugar Lips

Sugarlipbalm I’m attracted to products based on their packaging and the word sugar just screamed out to me… that and the fact that I kept seeing this product everywhere. It’s not cheap at $22 but in the name of being a true product girl, I had to try it. This is Sugar Lip Treatment Balm. It claims that it has lip plumping fatty acids. I don’t really notice my lips particularly plumper but I still really like this lip balm, or excuse me, lip treatment. The blackcurrant oil in this product really gives you a soothing effect. Also, this company has an interesting Memoirs of a Geisha collection out based on the upcoming movie.