Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Holographic and glitter nail polish loving ladies (and gents if you’re so inclined) of the world, I think you will be happy with the new Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Butter London has been embracing glitter for awhile but now they are also embracing the holographic trend and getting aboard the holographic train. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first time Butter London introduced holographic shades… or at least labeled one as such.

Here’s the scoop on each shade straight from Butter London:

  • Dodgy Barnetthighly holographic shade that blurs the line between grey and silver.
  • Gobsmackedheavily pigmented charcoal grey glitter with a slightly textured finish.
  • Lovely Jubblyvibrant magenta flecked with red, blue and gold micro particles.
  • Shaghigh-shine metallic lacquer in a warm orange-burgundy hue.
  • Trustafariangolden holographic finish gives this delightful sage green a surprising and sophisticated edge.

Keep reading to take a closer look at each shade.

Butter London Trustafarian
Butter London Shag
Butter London Lovely Jubbly
Butter London Gobsmacked
Butter London Dodgy Barnett

I am not a holographic loving lady but I am very into the glitters, you may know this about me so naturally Lovely Jubbly and Gobsmacked are instantly on my radar. Although I am interested in seeing Trustafarian and Dodgy Barnett in person. How about you? Will any of these shades make it into your fall/winter nail wardrobe?

Butter London Lippies in Come to Bed Red, La Moss, Queen Vic, Toff & Tea with the Queen

Also being released with the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is a whole new batch of Lippies. The shades in this batch of Lippies include Come to Bed Red, La Moss, Queen Vic, Toff and Tea with the Queen. These shades are among Butter London’s most popular shades. I can’t help but wonder what shades will be Lippy’d next, which ones would you choose?

If you’re picking up your first Lippy, these have a very thick texture to them but that texture really helps prolong your wear time. The color just clings to your lips with a lacquer-like shine. These are also well pigmented so you can wear them with or without color underneath.

Butter London’s lacquers retail for $14 and the Lippies retail for $17. The fall/winter collection is in stores now.

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  1. I was excited to see that this brand is actually carried at a store in my area (sadly, that’s not always the case) so I look forward to checking these out.

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