Ooh La La, Bourjois

There’s just something about French cosmetics that’s alluring and intriguing. Smart French women use products from the Bourjois line. Coincidentally, Bourjois is created in the same factory as Chanel’s makeup line – meaning the products and packaging might be different, but the quality is similar.

Burjois Effet Lumiere Eyeshadow Trio I was drawn to the Bourjois display at my local Ulta (also available at Sephora) because there was row after row of brightly colored, cute little pots of color. I picked through pot after pot of eye shadow, easily knowing what color I was picking up because the outside package is the same color as what’s inside!

I decided to create an evening look and chose Effet Lumiere in Argents #46, a trio of white, silver and gunmetal shadows. My smudgy, sexy look-at-me eyes lasted all night, no smudging or wearing off. The shadows contain a slight amount of shimmer to them which made my eyes glow- and not in that Vegas show girl kind of way. Everything in the product range is well priced- around $15 average – so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth and then some.

2 thoughts on “Ooh La La, Bourjois”

  1. Eh, it’s a drugstore brand in Europe, so it’s much cheaper over there and available at most major drugstores. I like it, but I don’t like having to pay so much for it; why is it a prestige brand over here and a drugstore brand in Europe?

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