Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil + A Pretty Powerful Friends & Family Sale

Remember when we lost our marbles over the news of Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear eyeliners in pencil form? The joy was justified. They really do look and feel like the Gel version on the eye and they do what they say they’re going to do: WEAR for a really LONG time. From coffee to cocktails, natch. 

Top L-R: Black Navy, Hunter, Mahogany. Bottom L-R: Black Plum, Jet, Smoke

In the circle of eyeliner preferences, we’re in the pencil-loving phase. They offer a convenience we can’t ignore. Aside from sharpening them (which you have to do with these every 4-5 uses) they are efficient from a time, use and wear perspective. Also? The colors are, to invoke her phrase, pretty powerful. I tested Jet, which is the blackest of blacks, and Mahogany, which is a perfect mix of deep brown and grey. I’m eyeing up Black Plum and Smoke, though, I love the mysterious shades. Is it black? Brown? How about grey? No? Purple?

Good news! Starting Monday, April 16, – Wednesday, April 18, Bobbi Brown will offer a 20% Friends & Family discount on If you’ve got the Long-Wear Eye Pencil bug or just need to stock up on the essentials, seize the day.