New! Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection

Bobbi Brown’s new Cabana Coral collection might just be the highlight of Spring for Carla and I. On the one hand you have shades of coral that will suit any skin tone and on the other you have a new Pot Rouge, Shimmer Brick and Eye and Lip Palette being released with the collection. Suffice it to say, we are jazzed over here at Product Girl HQ!  Ready to salivate along with us?

There’s a new Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral and Calypso Coral makes a return… snap it up before it’s gone! These are a favorite of ours. They are creamy and work for both lips and cheeks for a pop of color. We can’t wait for this!

We’ll see two Shimmer Bricks in this collection. Nectar (shown above) is all new and Pink Quartz is coming back as a remote.

These are very soft and complimentary to every piece of this collection. I’m excited to see these on – I feel like within the bunch is a shade I’m meant to rock. Included in the collection: Metallic Lip Colors in Coral Reef, Calypso Glaze, Coral Glaze and Lip Colors in Cabo Cora and Guava.

Three new Shimmer Lip Glosses, including  Sunset Beach, Coral Sand and Golden Nectar. I need Coral Sand in my life (center).

And here’s the showstopper, the Cabana Coral Lip & Eye Palette – an exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. It’s a neutral palette with a coral twist. I kind of love it, what about you?

So now that we’ve all seen the promos, tell us where your thoughts are. We already know that Product Girl reader Cindy over at Prime Beauty is having the same palpitations we are!  How’s everyone else feeling about the rise of the corals?

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  1. I really want to check these out! I stopped by the BB counter after work tonight and the person at the counter had never heard of them. Maybe all stores don’t have it yet (nordstroms) but I wish she would have had a clue!

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